My mission is to teach you how you can change your world.


We have access to the creative power of the Universe. It is ours by Divine Right. We use this power to create every day, whether we are aware of it or not. We create through our focus, i.e., we create a vibrational match to what we focus on. This is trickier than it sounds. I teach the use of Law of Attraction (LOA) principles so that my students can more easily harness this power.

The movie The Secret presented the Law of Attraction as a way to get things or circumstances that you want. Visualize a car and you'll get a car, visualize a house and you'll get a house, visualize a sweetheart and you'll get a sweetheart. In reality, there's quite a bit more to it than that. The benefit to having expertise in using Law of Attraction is far greater than a one-time manifestation of a car, a house, or a sweetheart. The real benefit is that you move through the world with an extraordinary confidence because you know you can effect any circumstance, and can attract whatever resources you need. As a result, you will have a "lighter" life. You won't worry as much, you won't need so many alternate plans "just in case", you won't have so many problems, it will take less time to accomplish your goals, and life goes so much more smoothly. Building this expertise is about improving who you are more than what you have.

I was fortunate to learn to use the Law of Attraction early in life, though I wasn't familiar with that term. There was a lot going on around me, and the components all came together in such a way that I learned to manifest what I wanted. Unfortunately, I didn't know which of these many components were critical to the process and which were expendable. It just worked for me.

Everything changed when I went away to college and the components of my life fell out of whack. I had just been introduced to new people, new dorms, new school, new routines and new rules when there was a death in my family. The components in my life were no longer yielding the same results. That started me on a Quest to understand exactly how this creative process works, and to determine precisely what elements are required for dependable results.

Because I already had an experiential understanding of Law of Attraction, I was able to listen to various teachers and simply judge whether their explanations accurately described the process or not. When I found the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, I laughed out loud with joy that I had finally found a teacher who could accurately describe LOA. Today, I use my knowledge and the language of Abraham-Hicks to teach others.

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